Barnyard Photography is a family-owned and operated wedding and event studio. We are based in Chester County, Pennsylvania and New Castle County, Delaware, but frequently attend events in Wilmington, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

We aren’t like most studios. We never have been. Unlike other large studios, we care deeply about each and every couple we photograph and appreciate their unique story.

In fact, we didn’t start out as a photography studio at all. One day over 12 years ago, an “emergency wedding” fell into our life. We suddenly found ourselves doing something that we’d never tried before… and the results turned out really well. This led us to start the studio.

We’ve grown quickly over the years, with great team of photographers, videographers, and professionally trained event staff.

We have a different opinion about copyright than most photographers. We won’t let copyright stand between you and your memories.

For every event that we photograph, we will provide you with digital full-size images. We believe in Creative Commons, and we will provide your photos under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You can do as you wish with your images. Share them, copy them, or post them online.

If we can provide any assistance to you for your special event, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photography, Videography, Photo Booths, Uplighting, or Photo Blast, you’ve come to the right place!

our promise

to you

Collaboration and Commitment​

We are committed to you and providing you with the best experience on your wedding day.  Your wedding is a unique story, and we are there to capture it. Great weddings are a combined effort and collaboration between our couples and our team. We cannot make precious memories without your help. Your active participation and cooperation in the process is key to our combined success.


We take our commitments very seriously. We are always there, and always on time. We are the only studio to offer the Always Guarantee.

Creative Commons

We want you to enjoy your memories and be able to share them with anyone. Because of this core belief we’ve taken a different stance on our photography. We always provide the full-size digital images to our clients.




Most of our couples reserve their package 9 – 15 months in advance of their date.  Even if your date is coming up very soon, often times we can help!  Simply contact us or check availability for your date on our “BOOK ONLINE” page. We have a large team of excellent photographers and event staff, so we can likely meet your needs!

It’s hard to give a generalization, as every wedding is different. Typically, you will receive about 60-75 photos per “useful hour” of photography. Remember, time spent driving between locations doesn’t allow us to make images. Secondarily, the amount of “action” in your wedding can dramatically affect the number of photos. We have shot three hour weddings that resulted in 500 pictures, and we have shot seven hour weddings that resulted in only about 250 pictures. It all depends on the specifics of your event. Don’t worry about count. It’s the actual events of the day that matter. You will receive the best photos taken, as selected by our staff. As we are judged by the quality of our work, we retain creative control of all photos delivered. Photos that we elect to not include in the delivery set are not availble for review.

We are glad to accept a list of family groups that you would like us to take. We are great photographers, but we do not know the people in your families. We even provide a planning tool that allows you to select which photos you would like, and helps to give you a time estimate for your photography. However, please do not ask us to work from a list that you found on a website or in a magazine. We insist on having the freedom to capture your day as it happens, rather than being limited by a specific list.

Of course. It’s not required, but we’re glad to offer it if you’d like to add it to your package. A lot of what we offer is designed to make you comfortable with us and our services.  We generally suggest waiting until a few weeks before the wedding, so that things are close enough to be of concrete value. If you don’t opt for a meeting prior, your photographer will reach out to you in the week before your wedding to make final confirmations.

We complete all of our editing and post-production in about 4-8 weeks. Rush processing is available as an option on your contract.

We include the first 90 minutes of one-way travel at no cost to you. Longer distances may be subject to a travel cost, all depending on your location. Our online booking can calculate a custom quote for you, should you be outside our no-cost range. Travel before and after the event is not counted against your package time. Travel between locations during the event does count against your package time.

As you’ve likely noticed, we are quite up-front about our packages and pricing. We have always felt that by advertising our lowest prices from the beginning, you’ll know exactly the total investment. Although we do not offer any discounts for combined services, ask us about our liberty minded pricing.

We typically wear all black.  Our usual dress is black pants, black shirt, and black sneakers.  In the summer, we tend to wear polo shirts.  In the winter, we tend to wear oxford shirts.  As our coverage is very journalistic, and often very active, we do not wear suits & ties while shooting.  Female staff may opt to wear dresses.

We put all of efforts into delivering completed weddings to our couples as quickly as possible.  As such, we do not produce “teaser” photos prior to the online gallery being posted.

Not to worry.  We have a large team of skilled photographers.  If something happens to your photographer, we have others available for you.

Yes.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  We are unable to accept American Express.

We always arrive at least an hour prior to opening to make sure everything is set up and ready to go. We like to leave extra time, just in case!

We require a minimum of 8′ x 8′ for the Enclosed Booth and 10′ x 10′ for the Open Booth. To avoid long lines and traffic jams, the photo booth must not be set up near the bar.

All of our Photo Booth packages include an attendant, unlimited copies and sessions, custom branding on the strips, your choice of backdrop, wacky props, and a USB drive of all of the photos.

Be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t position yourselves so that you will be “staring into the sun” during your vows. It’s uncomfortable, and you won’t get as many good pictures. Additionally, check your venue in advance for prime photo spots.
Check the sunset times for your wedding day. Although sunset allows for creative and beautiful photos; don’t run late. Sunset waits for no bride.
Always have a backup plan, in case of inclement weather.

ask us!

We would love to hear from you! Please tell us as much about your event as possible. We answer most messages within a few hours. If you are ready to reserve your date, feel free to BOOK ONLINE at any time.

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